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verb uk /prɪˈpeər/ us /prɪˈpeər/ present participle preparing, past tense and past participle prepared

A2 to get someone or something ready for something in the future

I haven’t prepared my speech yet.
We’re preparing the students for their end-of-year exams.

A2 to make food ready to be eaten

I prepared lunch for the kids.
prepare yourself

B1 to make yourself ready to deal with a difficult situation

Prepare yourself for a shock.

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verb /priˈpeə/

to make or get ready

Have you prepared your speech for Thursday?
He prepared to go out
Prepare yourself for a shock.
preparation /prepəˈreiʃən/ noun

the act of preparing

You can’t pass an exam without preparation.

something done to prepare

She was making hasty preparations for her departure.
preparatory /-ˈpӕrə-/ adjective

acting as an introduction or in order to prepare for something

Political leaders have agreed to meet for preparatory talks about an end to the war.
prepared adjective

(opposite unprepared) made ready

preparatory school /-ˈpӕrə-/ noun

a private school in Britain which educates children in preparation for a senior school (abbreviation prep school /prep-/).

escuela de primaria privada (GB)

(American) a private secondary school preparing students for college.

colegio de secundaria privado (US)
be prepared

(of a person) to be ready (for something, to do something etc)

estar preparado
We must be prepared for a disappointment
I’m not prepared (=willing) to lend him more money
The motto of the Scouts is ’Be Prepared!’.

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