Translation of "pretend" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /prɪˈtend/ us /prɪˈtend/

to behave as if something is true when it is not

fingir, simular, hacer como si
I can’t pretend that I like him.
Were you just pretending to be interested?

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verb /priˈtend/

to make believe that something is true, in play

fingir, simular
Let’s pretend that this room is a cave!
Pretend to be a lion!
He wasn’t really angry – he was only pretending.

to try to make it appear (that something is true), in order to deceive

He pretended that he had a headache
She was only pretending to be asleep
I pretended not to understand.
pretence /-s/ /priˈtens/ noun ( pretense)

(an) act of pretending

Under the pretence of friendship, he persuaded her to get into his car.
false pretences noun plural

acts or behaviour intended to deceive

fraude, estafa
He got the money under false pretences.
pretentious adjective

(disapproving) trying to seem more important, intelligent, or cultured than you really are in order to impress people

The art gallery tends to attract lots of ghastly pretentious people.
pretentiously adverb


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