Translation of "prime" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /praɪm/ us

I main or most important

principal, primordial
This is a prime example of 1930s architecture.
the prime suspect in a murder investigation
a prime source of evidence
The president is a prime (= likely) target for the assassin’s bullet.

I of the best quality

excelente, de primera calidad
prime beef
The hotel is in a prime location in the city centre.
noun uk /praɪm/ us

the period in your life when you are most active or successful

flor de la vida, mejor edad, apogeo
This is a dancer in her prime.
Middle age can be the prime of life if you have the right attitude.
I suspect this cheese is past its prime.
verb uk /praɪm/ us

to tell someone something that will prepare them for a particular situation

I’d been primed so I knew not to mention her son.

to cover the surface of wood with a special paint before the main paint is put on

aplicar una capa de base a

to make a bomb or gun ready to explode or fire


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adjective /praim/

first or most important

primer, primero
the prime minister
a matter of prime importance.


óptimo, perfecto
in prime condition.
primary adjective

first or most important

His primary concern is his family.

of the first level or stage

a primary school.
primarily /praiˈmerəli/ adverb

chiefly; in the first place

principalmente; en primer lugar
I wrote the play primarily as a protest, and only secondarily as entertainment.
primary colours noun plural ( primary colors)

(of pigments, but not of light) those colours from which all others can be made, ie red, blue and yellow.

colores primarios
primary language noun

(linguistics ) the language which someone learns from birth; first language, mother tongue

Lengua Nativa
the primary languages of the African countries.
primary school noun

(in the UK) a school for children between the ages of 4 and 11

Colegió Primario
prime minister noun

the chief minister of a government.

primer ministro
prime number noun

(mathematics ) a number that can only be divided without a remainder by itself and 1, eg 3, 5, 7, 31.

número primo
prime time noun

the evening hours, the time when most viewers are watching television

horas de máxima audiencia
The programme will be broadcast during prime time.

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