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adjective uk /praɪər/ us /praɪr/

I formal existing or happening before something else, or before a particular time

The course required no prior knowledge of Spanish.
They had to refuse the dinner invitation because of a prior engagement (= something already planned for that time).
prior to sth

before a particular time or event

antes de algo
the weeks prior to her death

formal more important

Mothers with young children have a prior claim on funds.
noun uk /praɪər/ us /praɪr/

a man who is in charge of a priory or who is second in charge of an abbey a man who is in charge of a building where monks or nuns live, work and pray, or who is second in charge of an abbey


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adjective /ˈpraiə/

already arranged for the same time

previo, anterior
a prior engagement.

more important

She gave up her job as she felt her family had a prior claim on her attention.
priority /-ˈo-/ noun

the right to be or go first

An ambulance must have priority over other traffic.

(plural priorities) something that must be considered or done first

Our (first) priority is to feed the hungry.
prior knowledge noun

the things that someone already knows, for example the knowledge which someone has when they start a course of study and which can be later be compared with what they know when they have finished

Conocimiento Previo
All students are able to connect new learning to their prior knowledge.
prior to


antes de
Prior to working in America, he had travelled in Europe.

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