Translation of "probe" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /prəʊb/ us /proʊb/

to try to discover information that other people do not want you to know, by asking questions carefully and not directly

investigar, explorar, rastrear
The interviewer probed deep into her private life.
Detectives questioned him for hours, probing for any inconsistencies in his story.
The article probes (= tries to describe and explain) the mysteries of nationalism in modern Europe.

to examine something with a tool, especially in order to find something that is hidden

They probed in/into the mud with a special drill.
noun uk /prəʊb/ us /proʊb/

an attempt to discover information by asking a lot of questions

an FBI probe into corruption
a Justice Department probe into the Democrats’ fund raising

specialized medical a long, thin metal tool used by doctors to examine inside someone


specialized science a device that is put inside something to test or record information

sonda → See also space probe

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noun /prəub/

a long thin instrument used by doctors to examine a wound etc.


an investigation

a police probe into illegal activities.

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