Translation of "prop" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /prɒp/ us /prɑːp/ -pp-

to support something physically, often by leaning it against something else or putting something under it

apoyar, apuntalar
I propped my bike (up) against the wall.
She was sitting at the desk with her chin propped on her hands.
This window keeps on closing – I’ll have to prop it open with something.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /prɒp/ us /prɑːp/

an object used by the actors performing in a play or film

The set is minimal and the only props used in the show are a table, a chair, and a glass of water.

informal for propeller informal a device that causes a ship or aircraft to move, consisting of two or more blades that turn around at high speed


an object that is used to support something by holding it up

puntal, apoyo
I need some sort of a prop to keep the clothes line up.
figurative A lot of people use cigarettes as a sort of social prop (= to make them feel more confident).

also prop forward a player in a rugby team who is large and strong, and who supports the scrum


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noun /prop/

a support

The ceiling was held up with wooden props.
prop up phrasal verb

to support (something) in an upright position, or stop it from falling

sostener, apuntalar
We had to prop up the roof
He propped himself up against the wall.

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