Translation of "propose" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /prəˈpəʊz/ us /prəˈpoʊz/ present participle proposing, past tense and past participle proposed

to suggest a plan or action

I propose that we delay our decision until we have more information.

to ask someone to marry you

proponer matrimonio
He proposed to me on my birthday.
propose to do something

to intend to do something

tener la intención de hacer algo
They propose to cross the desert by car.

(Translation of “propose” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /prəˈpəuz/

to offer for consideration; to suggest

I proposed my friend for the post
Who proposed this scheme?

to intend

He proposes to build a new house.

to make an offer of marriage

declararse, proponer matrimonio, pedir la mano
He proposed (to me) last night and I accepted.
proposal noun

something proposed or suggested; a plan

proposals for peace.

an offer of marriage

proposición, propuesta
She received three proposals.

the act of proposing.

proposición, propuesta

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