Translation of "puzzle" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈpʌz·l/ us /ˈpʌz·əl/

A2 a game or activity in which you have to put pieces together or answer questions using skill

puzle, adivinanza
a jigsaw puzzle

a situation that is very difficult to understand

enigma, misterio
Scientists have been trying to solve this puzzle for years.
verb uk /ˈpʌz·l/ us /ˈpʌz·əl/

to make someone confused because they do not understand something

I was puzzled by what he said.

(Translation of “puzzle” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈpazl/

to perplex, baffle or bewilder

dejar perplejo, confundir, extrañar
The question puzzled them
What puzzles me is how he got here so soon.

to think long and carefully about a problem etc

devanarse los sesos, romperse la cabeza
I puzzled over the sum for hours.
puzzling adjective

difficult to understand

a puzzling remark.
puzzle out phrasal verb

to solve (a problem etc).

resolver, descifrar

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