Translation of "radiate" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈreɪ.di.eɪt/ us

to produce heat and/or light, or (of heat or light) to be produced

irradiar, emitir
The planet Jupiter radiates twice as much heat from inside as it receives from the Sun.
A single beam of light radiated from the lighthouse.

to show an emotion or quality, or (of an emotion or quality) to be shown or felt

rebosar (de), irradiar
He was radiating joy and happiness.
Enthusiasm was radiating from her.

to spread out in all directions from a central point

salir en forma radial
Flows of lava radiated out from the volcano’s crater.
Just before the breeding season, these birds radiate outwards to warmer climates.

(Translation of “radiate” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈreidieit/

to send out rays of (light, heat etc)

A fire radiates heat.

to go out or be sent out in rays, or in many directions from a central point

Heat radiates from a fire
All the roads radiate from the centre/center of the town.
radiation noun

rays of light, heat etc or of any radioactive substance

(also adjective) a radiation leak.
radiator noun

a type of apparatus for heating a room.


an apparatus in a car which, with a fan, cools the engine.


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