Translation of "rail" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /reɪl/ us /reɪl/

B1 [ no plural ] trains as a method of transport

rail travel

a bar on the wall that you hang things on

a curtain rail

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noun /reil/

a (usually horizontal) bar of metal, wood etc used in fences etc, or for hanging things on

Don’t lean over the rail
a curtain rail
a towel rail.

(usually in plural ) a long bar of steel which forms the track on which trains etc run

carril, raíl
The accident occurred when the train came off the rails.
railing noun

(usually in plural ) a fence or barrier of (usually vertical) metal or wooden bars

verja, enrejado
They’ve put railings up all round the park.
railroad noun

(American) a railway.

railway noun

(British ) a track with (usually more than one set of) two (or sometimes three) parallel steel rails on which trains run; railroad(American)

vía; línea de ferrocarril
They’re building a new railway
(also adjective) a railway station.

(British ) (sometimes in plural ) the whole organization which is concerned with the running of trains, the building of tracks etc ; railroad(American)

He has a job on the railway
The railways are very badly run in some countries.
by rail

by or on the railway

por ferrocarril
goods sent by rail.

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