Translation of "reach" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /riːtʃ/ us /ritʃ/

B1 to arrive somewhere

llegar a
We won’t reach Miami till five or six o’clock.

to stretch your arm and hand to touch or take something

alargar la mano, extender el brazo
She reached for a cigarette.
He reached out and grabbed her arm.
can reach (something)

to be able to touch or take something with your hand

alcanzar (algo)
Could you get that book down for me? I can’t reach.
reach a decision, agreement, conclusion, etc.

to make a decision, agreement, conclusion, etc. about something

tomar una decisión, alcanzar un acuerdo, llegar a una conclusión, etc.
She reached the conclusion that she couldn’t help him.

to get to a particular level, situation, etc.

llegar a, alcanzar
The temperature could reach 30°C today.
He reached the age of 95.

to speak to someone on the phone

contactar por teléfono
You can reach him at home.
noun [ no plural ] uk /riːtʃ/ us /ritʃ/
out of reach

too far away for someone to take hold of

fuera del alcance
I keep the medicines up here, out of the children’s reach.
within reach

close enough for someone to take hold of

al alcance
The gun lay within reach.
within (easy) reach

inside the distance that can be travelled easily

muy cerca
We live within easy reach of the station.

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verb /riːtʃ/

to arrive at (a place, age etc)

llegar (a)
We’ll never reach London before dark
Money is not important when you reach my age
The noise reached our ears
Has the total reached a thousand dollars yet?
Have they reached an agreement yet?

to (be able to) touch or get hold of (something)

My keys have fallen down this hole and I can’t reach them.

to stretch out one’s hand in order to touch or get hold of something

extender/alargar/estirar el brazo
He reached (across the table) for another cake
She reached out and took the book.

to make contact with; to communicate with

If anything happens you can always reach me by phone.

to stretch or extend

My property reaches from here to the river.

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