Translation of "ready" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈred·i/ us /ˈred·i/

A1 prepared for doing something

listo, preparado
Are you ready to go yet?
We’re going at eight, so you’ve got an hour to get ready.

A2 prepared and available to be eaten, drunk, used, etc.

listo, preparado
Is dinner ready?

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adjective /ˈredi/ (comparative readier, superlative readiest)

(opposite unready) prepared; able to be used etc immediately or when needed; able to do (something) immediately or when necessary

preparado (para), listo
I’ve packed our cases, so we’re ready to leave
Is tea ready yet?
Your coat has been cleaned and is ready (to be collected).

(opposite unready) willing

dispuesto (a)
I’m always ready to help.


You’re too ready to find faults in other people
He always has a ready answer.

likely, about (to do something)

a punto de
My head feels as if it’s ready to burst.
readiness noun

prontitud; disponibilidad
Everything was in a state of readiness for the guests.
readily adverb


de buena gana
I’d readily help you.

without difficulty

I can readily answer all your questions.
ready cash noun

ready money

dinero contante/en efectivo
We’re running short of ready cash.
ready-made adjective

(especially of clothes) made in standard sizes, and for sale to anyone who wishes to buy, rather than being made for one particular person

hecho, confeccionado
a ready-made suit.
ready money noun

coins and banknotes

dinero contante/en efectivo
I want to be paid in ready money, not by cheque.
ready-to-wear adjective

(of clothes) ready-made

confeccionado, hecho
a ready-to-wear suit.
in readiness


preparado, listo
I want everything in readiness for his arrival.

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