Translation of "relay" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˌrɪˈleɪ/ us /ˈriː.leɪ/ us

to repeat something you have heard, or to broadcast a signal, message, or programme on television or radio

transmitir, retransmitir
I was told the news first and then I relayed it to the others.
TV pictures of the war were relayed around the world by satellite.
noun uk /ˈriː.leɪ/ us

a group of people who continue an activity that others from the same team or organization have been doing previously

Relays of workers kept the machines going through the night.
After the landslide, volunteers worked in relays to rescue people buried under the rubble.

also relay race a running or swimming race between two or more teams in which each person in the team runs or swims part of the race

carrera de relevos

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verb /riˈlei/ (past tense, past participle relayed)

to receive and pass on (news, a message, a television programme/program etc).

relay race noun

a race between teams of runners, swimmers etc , in which the members of the team run, swim etc one after another, each covering one part of the total distance to be run, swum etc

carrera de relevos
He is competing in the relay race.
in relays

in groups which perform some job, task etc one after another, one group starting when another group stops

por relevos
During the flood, firemen and policemen worked in relays to rescue people who were trapped.

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