Translation of "remove" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /rɪˈmuːv/ us /rɪˈmuv/ present participle removing, past tense and past participle removed

B1 to take something away

quitar, llevarse, eliminar
An operation was needed to remove the bullets from his chest.

to take something off

She removed her jacket and hung it on a chair.

(Translation of “remove” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /rəˈmuːv/

to take away

quitar, llevarse
Will someone please remove all this rubbish!
He removed all the evidence of his crimes
I can’t remove this stain from my shirt
He has been removed from the post of Minister of Education.

to take off (a piece of clothing)

Please remove your hat.

to move to a new house etc

He has removed to London.
removable adjective

desmontable, de quita y pon
a coat with a removable hood.
removal noun

the act of removing or the state of being removed, especially the moving of furniture etc to a new home

extirpación, eliminación; mudanza
After his removal from power, the dictator was sent into exile
Our removal is to take place on Monday
(also adjective) a removal van.
remover noun

a person or thing that removes

empleado de mudanzas; producto que elimina algo (por ej. quitamanchas)
a stain remover
a firm of furniture removers.

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