Translation of "replace" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /rɪˈpleɪs/ us /rɪˈpleɪs/ present participle replacing, past tense and past participle replaced

B1 to get something new because the one you had before has been lost or damaged

We’ll have to replace this carpet soon.

B1 to start using another thing or person instead of the one that you are using now

We’re thinking of replacing our old TV.

to start to be used instead of the thing or person that is being used now

This system will replace the old one.

(Translation of “replace” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /rəˈpleis/

to put, use etc (a person, thing etc ), or to be put, used etc, in place of another

I must replace that broken lock
He replaced the cup he broke with a new one
Cars have replaced horses as the normal means of transport.

to put (something) back where it was

devolver a su sitio, volver a poner/colocar
Please replace the books on the shelves.
replaceable adjective

Don’t forget that every player in this team is replaceable.
replacement noun

I must find a replacement for my secretary – she’s leaving next week.

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