Translation of "ride" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /raɪd/ us /rɑɪd/ present participle riding, past tense rode, past participle ridden

A1 to travel by sitting on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle and controlling it

I ride my bike to work.

mainly US to travel in a vehicle, such as a car, bus, or train

ir (en), tomar
We rode the train from San Diego to Portland.
noun uk /raɪd/ us /rɑɪd/

B1 a journey in a car or train, or on a bus

a long bus ride

B1 mainly US a free journey somewhere, usually in a car

Can I give you a ride to the station?
I’m getting a ride with Steve to the baseball game (= he is driving me there).

B1 a journey riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or horse

He went out for a ride on his bike.

B1 a machine at a fair that moves people up and down, around in circles, etc. as they sit in it

atracción de feria
She wanted me to go on a ride with her.

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verb /raid/ (past tense rode /roud/, past participle ridden /ˈridn/)

to travel or be carried (in a car, train etc or on a bicycle, horse etc)

montar, ir en
He rides to work every day on an old bicycle
The horsemen rode past.

to (be able to) ride on and control (a horse, bicycle etc)

montar a/en
Can you ride a bicycle?

to take part (in a horse-race etc)

He’s riding in the first race.

to go out regularly on horseback (eg as a hobby)

montar a caballo
My daughter rides every Saturday morning.
rider noun

jinete; caballero
a motorcycle rider.
riding school noun

a place where people are taught to ride horses.

escuela de equitación

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