Translation of "rot" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /rɒt/ us /rɑt/ /rɒt/ us /rɑt/ present participle rotting, past tense and past participle rotted

to become bad and soft because of being dead or old

pudrir(se), descomponer(se)
The fruit had been left to rot on the trees.
Sugar rots your teeth.

(Translation of “rot” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /rot/ (past tense, past participle rotted)

to make or become bad or decayed

pudrir, corromper, descomponer
The fruit is rotting on the ground
Water rots wood.
rotten adjective

(of meat, fruit etc) having gone bad; decayed

rotten vegetables.

bad; mean

malo, vil
What rotten luck!
It was a rotten thing to do.
rottenness noun

podredumbre, putrefacción
rotter noun

(British, informal, old-fashioned) a mean, bad person

canalla, sinvergüenza
an absolute rotter.

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