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verb uk /seɪl/ us /seɪl/

B1 to control or travel in a boat or a ship that has an engine or sails

We sailed to Barbados.
She sails her own boat.

When a boat or a ship sails, it travels on the water.

The boat sailed along the coast.

to leave a place by boat or ship

The ship sails at dawn.
noun uk /seɪl/ us /seɪl/

a large piece of material that is fixed to a mast on a boat to catch the wind and make the boat move


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noun /seil/

a sheet of strong cloth spread to catch the wind, by which a ship is driven forward

They are hoisting the sails.

a journey in a ship

paseo/viaje en barco
a sail in his yacht
a week’s sail to the island.

an arm of a windmill.

sailboard noun

a windsurfer.

plancha de windsurf
sailboat noun

(American ) a boat with sails; sailing boat(British)

sailing noun

the activity or sport of navigating a ship or boat that has sails

navegación a vela, vela
Sailing is one of his hobbies.

having a sail or sails

a vela
sailor noun

a member of a ship’s crew whose job is helping to sail a ship

a sailor in the merchant navy.
in full sail

with all the sails spread

a toda vela, con las velas desplegadas
The ship was in full sail.

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