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noun [ no plural ] uk /sɔːlt, sɒlt/ us /sɔlt/

A1 a white substance used to add flavour to food

salt and pepper
verb uk /sɔːlt, sɒlt/ us /sɔlt/

to add salt to food

añadir sal a, salar

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noun /soːlt/

(also common salt) sodium chloride, a white substance frequently used for seasoning

The soup needs more salt.

any other substance formed, like common salt, from a metal and an acid.


a sailor, especially an experienced one

(viejo) lobo de mar
an old salt.
salted adjective

(opposite unsalted) containing or preserved with salt

salted butter
salted beef.
saltness noun

salinidad; salobridad
salty adjective (comparative saltier, superlative saltiest)

containing or tasting of salt

Tears are salty water.
saltiness noun

salinidad; salobridad
bath salts noun plural

a usually perfumed mixture of certain salts added to bath water.

sales de baño
the salt of the earth noun

a very good or worthy person

valer su peso en oro, valer un Perú/Potosí, valer un imperio
People like her are the salt of the earth.
take (something) with a grain/pinch of salt

to receive (a statement, news etc) with a slight feeling of disbelief

escuchar con reservas
I took his story with a pinch of salt.

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