Translation of "same" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /seɪm/ us /seɪm/
the same

A1 exactly alike

el mismo
He’s the same age as me.
We work at the same speed.
the same

A1 not another different person, thing, or situation

el mismo
My brother and I sleep in the same room.
at the same time

B1 If two things happen at the same time, they happen together.

a la misma vez
We arrived at the same time.
pronoun uk /seɪm/ us /seɪm/
the same

exactly like

People say I look just the same as my sister.
He looks exactly the same as he did ten years ago.
the same

B1 not another different thing or situation

lo mismo
I’d do the same if I was in your situation.
adverb uk /seɪm/ us /seɪm/
the same

in the same way

We treat all our children the same.

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adjective /seim/

(usually with the)

alike; very similar

parecido; mismo; igual
The houses in this road are all the same
You have the same eyes as your brother (has).

not different

My friend and I are the same age
He went to the same school as me.


mismo, igual
My opinion is the same as it always was.
all/just the same


igualmente, aun así, de todas formas
I’m sure I locked the door, but, all the same, I think I’ll go and check.
at the same time


a la vez, al mismo tiempo
We took the test at the same time.


aun así, sin embargo
Mountain-climbing is fun, but at the same time we must not forget the danger.
be all the same to

to be a matter of no importance to

dar lo mismo a alguien, dar igual a alguien
I’ll leave now, if it’s all the same to you.
same here

I think, feel etc the same

yo también, a mí también
’This job bores me.’ ’Same here.’
same-sex marriage noun

a homosexual marriage between two men or two women.

matrimonio homosexual, matrimonio entre dos personas del mismo sexo

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