Translation of "scale" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /skeɪl/ us /skeɪl/

[ no plural ] the size or level of something

We don’t yet know the scale of the problem.

the set of numbers, amounts, etc. used to measure or compare the level of something

How would you rate her work on a scale of 1–10?
scales [ plural ] UK US scale

a piece of equipment for measuring weight

kitchen scales
bathroom scales

US UK scales [ plural ] a piece of equipment for measuring weight

a bathroom scale

how the size of things on a map, model, etc. relates to the same things in real life

a map with a scale of one inch per mile

a series of musical notes that is always played in order and that goes up from the first note


one of the flat pieces of hard material that covers the skin of fish and snakes

verb uk /skeɪl/ us /skeɪl/ present participle scaling, past tense and past participle scaled

to climb something that is high or steep

to scale a wall

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noun /skeil/

a set of regularly spaced marks made on something (eg a thermometer or a ruler) for use as a measure; a system of numbers, measurement etc

This thermometer has two scales marked on it, one in Fahrenheit and one in Centigrade.

a series or system of items of increasing or decreasing size, value etc

a wage/salary scale.

in music, a group of notes going up or down in order

The boy practised his scales on the piano.

the size of measurements on a map etc compared with the real size of the country etc shown by it

In a map drawn to the scale 1:50,000, one centimetre represents half a kilometre.

the size of an activity

These guns are being manufactured on a large scale.

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