Translation of "second" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈsek·ənd/ us /ˈsek·ənd/

A1 being the one after the first

This is my second piece of cake.

B1 used to show that only one thing is better, bigger, etc. than the thing mentioned

segundo (en importancia, rango, tamaño, etc.)
St Petersburg is Russia’s second city.


Accept the invitation – you won’t get a second chance.
pronoun uk /ˈsek·ənd/ us /ˈsek·ənd/

B1 the one after the first

segundo, -a
You’re second on the list.
adverb uk /ˈsek·ənd/ us /ˈsek·ənd/

B1 after one other person or thing in order or importance

en segundo lugar
She didn’t win, but she came second.
noun uk /ˈsek·ənd/ us /ˈsek·ənd/

A2 one of the 60 parts a minute is divided into


B1 a very short period of time

I’ll be back in just a second.

(Translation of “second” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /ˈsekənd/

next after, or following, the first in time, place etc

February is the second month of the year
She finished the race in second place.

additional or extra

a second house in the country.

lesser in importance, quality etc

She’s a member of the school’s second swimming team.
secondary adjective

coming after, and at a more advanced level than, primary

secondary education.

lesser in importance

a matter of secondary importance.
seconder noun

a person who seconds.

persona que apoya una moción
secondly adverb

in the second place

en segundo lugar
I have two reasons for not buying the housefirstly, it’s too big, and secondly it’s too far from town.
secondary colours noun plural ( secondary colors)

colours/colors obtained by mixing primary colours/colors

colores secundarios
Orange and purple are secondary colours/colors.
secondary school noun

a school where subjects are taught at a more advanced level than at primary school

escuela secundaria
second-best noun, adjective

next after the best; not the best

She wore her second-best hat
I want your best workyour second-best is not good enough.
second-class adjective

of or in the class next after or below the first; not of the very best quality

de segunda clase
a second-class restaurant
He gained a second-class honours degree in French.

(for) travelling in a part of a train etc that is not as comfortable or luxurious as some other part

de segunda clase
a second-class passenger
His ticket is second-class
(also adverb) I’ll be travelling second-class.
second-hand adjective

previously used by someone else

de segunda mano
second-hand clothes.
second lieutenant noun

a person of the rank below lieutenant

Second Lieutenant Jones.
second-rate adjective


de baja categoría
The play was pretty second-rate.
second sight noun

the power of seeing into the future or into other mysteries

They asked a woman with second sight where the dead body was.
second thoughts noun plural

a change of opinion, decision etc

cambio de opinión
I’m having second thoughts about selling the piano.
at second hand

through or from another person

de alguna otra persona
I heard the news at second hand.
come off second best

to be the loser in a struggle

salir perdiendo
That cat always comes off second best in a fight.
every second week/month etc

(on or during) alternate weeks, months etc

una semana/un mes sí, otra/otro no
He comes in every second day.
second to none

better than every other of the same type

no tener igual
As a portrait painter, he is second to none.

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