Translation of "secret" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈsiː·krət/ us /ˈsi·krət/

B1 If something is secret, other people are not allowed to know about it.

a secret meeting
I’ll tell you, but you must keep it secret.
secretly adverb /ˈsiː·krət·li/ /ˈsi·krət·li/


noun uk /ˈsiː·krət/ us /ˈsi·krɪt/

B1 something that you tell no one about or only a few people

I’m having a party for him but it’s a secret.
keep a secret

B1 to not tell anyone a secret

guardar un secreto
Can you keep a secret?

the best way of achieving something

What’s the secret of your success?
in secret

without telling other people

en secreto
For years they met in secret.

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adjective /ˈsiːkrit/

hidden from, unknown to, or not told to, other people

a secret agreement
He kept his illness secret from everybody.
secrecy noun

the state of being or the act of keeping secret

secreto, reserva
Apparently he’s been sworn to secrecy.
secretive /-tiv/ adjective

inclined to conceal one’s activities, thoughts etc

reservado, callado, cauteloso
secretive behaviour/behavior.
secretively adverb

He’s been behaving very secretively recently.
secretiveness noun

secretly adverb

in such a way that others do not know, see etc

en secreto
He secretly copied the numbers down in his notebook.
secret agent noun

a spy.

agente secreto
secret police noun

a police force whose activities are kept secret and which is concerned mostly with political crimes.

policía secreta
in secret


en secreto
This must all be done in secret.
keep a secret

not to tell (something secret) to anyone else

guardar un secreto
You can’t trust her to keep a secret.

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