Translation of "separate" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈsep·ər·ət/ us /ˈsep·ər·ət/

B1 not joined or touching anything else

I try to keep meat separate from other food.

B1 different

Use a separate sheet of paper for the next exercise.

not related

I try to keep my work and my private life separate.


verb uk /ˈsep·ər·eɪt/ us /ˈsep·əˌreɪt/ present participle separating, past tense and past participle separated

to divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts

I separated the class into three groups.

to move apart, or to make people move apart

I’ll separate you two if you don’t stop talking!

to start to live in a different place from your husband or wife because the relationship has ended

My parents separated when I was four.

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verb /ˈsepəreit/

(sometimes with intoor from) to place, take, keep or force apart

He separated the money into two piles
A policeman tried to separate the men who were fighting.

to go in different directions

We all walked along together and separated at the crossroads.

(of a husband and wife) to start living apart from each other by choice

The couple separated last year.
separateness noun

separable adjective

that can be separated.

separately /-rət-/ adverb

in a separate way; not together

por separado
We each made our way to Jeff’s apartment separately.
separates /-rəts/ noun plural

garments (eg jerseys, skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts) that can be worn together in varying combinations.

prendas de ropa
separation noun

the act of separating or the state or period of being separated

They were together again after a separation of three years.

a (legal) arrangement by which a husband and wife remain married but live separately.

separatist /-rə-/ noun

a person who urges separation from an established political state, church etc

(also adjective) a separatist movement.
separatism noun

separate off phrasal verb

to make or keep (a part or parts) separate.

separar, guardar aparte
The rich live in areas that are separated off from the poor.
separate out phrasal verb

to make or keep separate or distinct

I separated out the coloured clothes from the others before putting them in the washing machine.
separate up phrasal verb (often with into)

to divide

The house has been separated up into different flats.
separate is spelt with -ar- (not -er-).

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