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verb uk /sɜːv/ us /sɜrv/ present participle serving, past tense and past participle served

A2 to give someone food or drink, especially in a restaurant or bar

servir (comida o bebida)
Are you still serving?

B1 to help customers and sell things to them in a shop

Are you being served?

to do work that helps society

to serve in the army
serve as something

to be useful as something

servir de algo
The spare bedroom also serves as a study.

to be in prison for a period of time

cumplir (una sentencia)

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verb /səːv/

to work for a person etc, eg as a servant

He served his master for forty years.

to distribute food etc or supply goods

She served the soup to the guests
Which shop assistant served you (with these goods)?

to be suitable for a purpose

servir (de)
This upturned bucket will serve as a seat.

to perform duties, eg as a member of the armed forces

servir, prestar servicio
He served (his country) as a soldier for twenty years
I served on the committee for five years.

to undergo (a prison sentence)

He served (a sentence of) six years for armed robbery.

in tennis and similar games, to start the play by throwing up the ball etc and hitting it

He served the ball into the net
Is it your turn to serve?
server noun

(usually in plural) a utensil used in serving food

cubierto de servir
salad servers.

a person who serves (a ball).

camarero, mesero
serving noun

a portion of food served

porción, ración
I had two servings of pie.
it serves you etc right

you etc deserve your misfortune etc

tenerlo bien merecido
He has done no work so it will serve him right if he fails his exam.
serve an apprenticeship

to spend a (fixed) period of time as an apprentice.

hacer el aprendizaje
serve out phrasal verb

to distribute to each of a number of people

She served out the pudding.
serve up phrasal verb

to start serving (a meal)

servir, ofrecer
Please could you lay the table – I’m about to serve up.

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