Translation of "shape" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ʃeɪp/ us /ʃeɪp/

B1 the physical form of something made by the line around its outer edge

a circular shape
I like the shape of the jacket.
in good, bad, etc. shape

in good, bad, etc. health or condition

en buena, mala, etc. forma
She runs every day so she’s in great shape.
verb uk /ʃeɪp/ us /ʃeɪp/

to make something become a particular shape

dar forma a
Combine the meat and egg and shape the mixture into small balls.

(Translation of “shape” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /ʃeip/

the external form or outline of anything

People are all (of) different shapes and sizes
The house is built in the shape of a letter L.

an indistinct form

figura, bulto
I saw a large shape in front of me in the darkness.

condition or state

You’re in better physical shape than I am.
shaped adjective

having a certain shape

en forma de
A rugby ball is egg-shaped.
shapeless adjective

lacking shape

amorfo, sin forma definida
She was wearing a shapeless, baggy coat.
shapelessness noun

aspecto amorfo
shapely adjective

well-formed and having an attractive shape

curvilíneo, proporcionado
She has long, shapely legs.
shapeliness noun

buenas proporciones
the shapeliness of her body.
in any shape (or form)

at all

del tipo que sea
I don’t accept bribes in any shape or form.
out of shape

not in the proper shape

I sat on my hat and it’s rather out of shape.
take shape

to develop into a definite form

tomar forma
My garden is gradually taking shape.

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