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verb uk /ʃeər/ us /ʃeər/ present participle sharing, past tense and past participle shared

A2 to have or use something at the same time as someone else

She shares a house with Paul.

A2 to divide something between two or more people

We shared a pizza.

B1 If two or more people or things share a feeling, quality, or experience, they both or all have the same feeling, quality, or experience.

I don’t share your views.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /ʃeər/ us /ʃeər/

a part of something that has been divided

parte correspondiente
When am I going to get my share of the money?

one of the equal parts that the value of a company is divided into when it is owned by a group of people

We own shares in a number of companies.

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noun /ʃeə/

one of the parts of something that is divided among several people etc

We all had a share of the cake
We each paid our share of the bill.

the part played by a person in something done etc by several people etc

I had no share in the decision.

a fixed sum of money invested in a business company by a shareholder

acción, participación
stocks and shares.
shared writing noun

a method of teaching writing in which the teacher and the students compose a text together, with both contributing their thoughts and ideas. The teacher acts as scribe during the process

Escritura en grupo
Shared writing encourages the close examination of texts, words, and the options of authors.
shareholder noun

a person who owns shares in a business company

She’s a major shareholder in the company.
share and share alike

with everyone having an equal share

compartir las cosas
We divided the money between us, share and share alike.

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