Translation of "shine" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ʃaɪn/ us /ʃɑɪn/ present participle shining, past tense and past participle shone

B1 to make bright light

The sun was shining brightly through the window.
The car’s headlights shone right into my eyes.

If a surface shines, it reflects light.

Her hair really shines.

to point a light somewhere

alumbrar con
Shine the torch behind the sofa.

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verb /ʃain/ (past tense, past participle shone /ʃon, (American) ʃoun/)

to (cause to) give out light; to direct such light towards someone or something

The light shone from the window
The policeman shone his torch
He shone a torch on the body.

to be bright

brillar, relucir
She polished the silver till it shone.

(past tense, past participle shined) to polish

sacar brillo, limpiar
He tries to make a living by shining shoes.

(often with at) to be very good (at something)

sobresalir, destacar, brillar
He shines at games
You really shone in yesterday’s match.
shining adjective

very bright and clear; producing or reflecting light; polished

a shining star
The windows were clean and shining.
shiny adjective (comparative shinier, superlative shiniest)

glossy; reflecting light; polished

a shiny cover on a book
a shiny nose
shiny shoes.
shininess noun


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