Translation of "sight" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /saɪt/ us /sɑɪt/

B1 [ no plural ] the ability to use your eyes to see

Doctors managed to save his sight.

the act of seeing someone or something

visión, imagen
The sight of so much blood shocked him.

something that you see, especially something interesting

vista, escena
the sights and sounds of the market
catch sight of someone/something

to suddenly see someone or something

divisar a alguien/algo
I caught sight of Tony in the crowd.
in sight

able to be seen and not hidden

a la vista
The towers of the city were now in sight.
out of sight


fuera de la vista
She kept out of sight behind a tree.
the sights [ plural ]

B1 the beautiful or interesting places in a city or country

las atracciones turísticas
He took me around New York and showed me the sights.
at first sight

the time when you first see or hear about something or someone

a primera vista
It may, at first sight, seem a surprising choice.
look a sight

to look ridiculous or in a bad state

tener mal aspecto
You look a sight!
out of sight, out of mind

said to emphasize that when something or someone cannot be seen, it is easy to forget them

ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente

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noun /sait/

the act or power of seeing

The blind man had lost his sight in the war.

the area within which things can be seen by someone

The boat was within sight of land
The end of our troubles is in sight.

something worth seeing

atracción turística
She took her visitors to see the sights of London.

a view or glimpse

The mountain is a magnificent sight at sunset.

something seen that is unusual, ridiculous, shocking etc

She’s quite a sight in that hat.

(on a gun etc) an apparatus to guide the eye in taking aim

This rifle has a detachable sight.
sightseeing noun

visiting the chief buildings, places of interest etc of an area

(also adjective) a sightseeing tour.
sightseer noun

a coachload of sightseers.
catch sight of

to get a brief view of; to begin to see

ver, divisar
He caught sight of her as she came round the corner.
lose sight of

to stop being able to see

perder de vista
She lost sight of him in the crowd.

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