Translation of "size" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /saɪz/ us /sɑɪz/

A2 how big or small something is

It’s an area about the size of Florida.
The size of some of those trees is incredible.

A2 one of the different measurements in which things, for example clothes, food, etc. are made

talla, tamaño
What size shoes do you take?
What size shoes do you wear?

(Translation of “size” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /saiz/


tamaño, magnitud
an area the size of a football pitch
The size of the problem alarmed us.

one of a number of classes in which shoes, dresses etc are grouped according to measurements

talla, número
I take size 5 in shoes.
sizeable adjective

fairly large

considerable, importante
His income is quite sizeable, now that he has been promoted.
size up phrasal verb

to form an opinion about a person, situation etc

juzgar, evaluar
He sized up the situation and acted immediately.

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