Translation of "slander" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈslɑːn.dər/ us /ˈslæn.dɚ/

a false spoken statement about someone that damages their reputation, or the making of such a statement

The doctor is suing his partner for slander.
She regarded his comment as a slander on her good reputation.
→ Compare libel
verb uk /ˈslɑːn.dər/ us /ˈslæn.dɚ/

to damage someone’s reputation by making a false spoken statement about them

slanderer noun uk /r/ us //
slanderous adjective uk /-əs/ us

slanderously adverb uk /-ə us

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noun /ˈslaːndə/

(the act of making) an untrue spoken, not written, statement about a person with the intention of damaging that person’s reputation

calumnia, difamación
That story about her is nothing but a wicked slander!

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