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verb /sliːp/ ( past tense, past participle slept /slept/)
to rest with the eyes closed and in a state of natural unconsciousness dormir Goodnight – sleep well! I can’t sleep – my mind is too active.
sleeper noun
a person who sleeps durmiente Nothing occurred to disturb the sleepers.
a berth or compartment for sleeping, on a train coche-cama I’d like to book a sleeper on the London train.
sleepless adjective
without sleep insomne, en vela, en blanco He spent a sleepless night worrying about the situation.
sleepy adjective ( comparative sleepier, superlative sleepiest)
inclined to sleep; drowsy somnoliento, soñoliento, adormecido I feel very sleepy after that long walk.
not (seeming to be) alert somnoliento She always has a sleepy expression on her face.
(of places etc) very quiet; lacking entertainment and excitement tranquilo a sleepy town.
sleepily adverb
con sueño, soñolientamente He sleepily washed and got dressed.
sleepiness noun
sleeping bag noun
a kind of large warm bag for sleeping in, used by campers etc. saco de dormir
sleeping pill noun ( sleeping tablet)
a kind of pill that can be taken to make one sleep somnífero She tried to commit suicide by swallowing an overdose of sleeping pills.
sleepwalk verb
to walk about while asleep ser sonámbulo, pasear dormido She was sleepwalking again last night.
sleepwalker noun
put to sleep
to cause (a person or animal) to become unconscious by means of an anaesthetic; to anaesthetize dormir, anestesiar The doctor will give you an injection to put you to sleep.
to kill (an animal) painlessly, usually by the injection of a drug sacrificar As she was so old and ill my cat had to be put to sleep.
sleep like a log/top
to sleep very well and soundly dormir como un tronco/lirón I slept like a log last night.
sleep off phrasal verb
to recover from (something) by sleeping dormir la mona She’s in bed sleeping off the effects of the party.
sleep on phrasal verb
to put off making a decision about (something) overnight consultar algo con la almohada I’ll sleep on it and let you know tomorrow.
Translations of “sleep”
in Arabic يَنام…
in Korean 자다…
in Malaysian tidur…
in French dormir…
in Turkish uyumak…
in Italian dormire…
in Chinese (Traditional) 睡,睡覺, 入睡, (車輛、帳篷等)躺得下,可供…睡覺…
in Russian спать…
in Polish spać…
in Vietnamese ngủ…
in Portuguese dormir…
in Thai หลับ…
in German schlafen…
in Catalan dormir…
in Japanese 眠る, 寝る…
in Indonesian tidur…
in Chinese (Simplified) 睡,睡觉, 入睡, (车辆、帐篷等)躺得下,可供…睡觉…
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