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adjective uk /sləʊ/ us /sloʊ/

A1 moving, happening, or doing something without much speed

He’s a very slow reader.
→ Opposite fast adj
be slow

If a clock is slow, it shows a time that is earlier than the correct time.

estar atrasado → Opposite fast adj
slowness noun [ no plural ] /ˈsləʊ·nəs/ /ˈsloʊ·nəs/

verb uk /sləʊ/ us /sloʊ/

to become slower or to make something become slower

reducir la velocidad (de)
The car slowed to a halt (= moved more and more slowly until it stopped).

Phrasal verb(s)

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adjective /sləu/

not fast; not moving quickly; taking a long time

a slow train
The service at that restaurant is very slow
He was very slow to offer help.

(of a clock etc) showing a time earlier than the actual time; behind in time

My watch is five minutes slow.

not clever; not quick at learning

lento, torpe, estúpido
He’s particularly slow at arithmetic.
slowly adverb

He slowly opened his eyes
He drove home slowly.
slowness noun

the slowness of the journey in the heavy traffic.
slow motion noun

movement which is slower than normal or actual movement especially as a special effect in films

cámara lenta
We watched a replay of the goal in slow motion.
slow down/up phrasal verb

to make or become slower

ir más despacio, reducir la velocidad, aminorar el paso
The police were warning drivers to slow down
The fog was slowing up the traffic.

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