Translation of "sneak" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /sniːk/ us /snik/ past tense and past participle US snuck, UK/US sneaked

to go somewhere quietly because you do not want anyone to hear you

ir sigilosamente
I sneaked into his bedroom while he was asleep.

(Translation of “sneak” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /sniːk/

to go quietly and secretly, especially for a dishonest purpose

moverse sigilosamente
He must have sneaked into my room when no-one was looking and stolen the money.

to take secretly

sacar a escondidas
He sneaked the letter out of her drawer.
sneakers noun plural

soft shoes with soles made of rubber, rope etc

He was wearing blue jeans and sneakers.
sneaking adjective

(of a feeling) slight but not easy to suppress

She knew he was wicked but she had a sneaking admiration for his courage.
sneaky adjective (comparative sneakier, superlative sneakiest)

It was a bit sneaky of him to tell the teacher about me.
sneakiness noun


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