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verb uk /spel/ /spel/ past tense and past participle UK/US spelled, UK spelt

A2 to write or tell someone the letters that are used to make a word

How do you spell that?
She spelled my name wrong.

If you can spell, you know how to write the words of a language correctly.

I can’t spell!
noun uk /spel/ /spel/

a period of time

a short spell in Australia
We are expecting rain and cold spells this week.

magic words that are supposed to make a person or thing change shape, disappear, etc.

The witch cast a spell over him.

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verb /spel/ (past tense, past participle spelt /-t/, spelled)

to name or give in order the letters of (a word)

I asked him to spell his name for me.

(of letters) to form (a word)

C-a-t spells ’cat’.

to (be able to) spell words correctly

escribir correctamente
I can’t spell!

to mean or amount to

significar, representar
This spells disaster.
speller noun

a computer program that corrects spelling mistakes.

corrector ortográfico

someone who is good or bad at spelling

She is a good speller.

(American) a book for teaching spelling.

manual de ortografía
spelling noun

Her spelling is terrible
(also adjective) The teacher gave the children a spelling lesson/test.
spell-check verb

(computing) to use a software program to check for spelling mistakes in a document written using a computer

Revisar La Ortografía
Don’t forget to spell-check your document before you print it out.
spell-checker noun

(computing) a software program that checks for spelling mistakes in a document written using a computer.

Programa de Correción de Ortografía

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