Translation of "spice" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /spaɪs/ us /spɑɪs/

B1 a substance made from a plant, used to give a special taste to food

herbs and spices

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noun /spais/

a usually strong-smelling, sharp-tasting vegetable substance used to flavour/flavor food (eg pepper or nutmeg)

We added cinnamon and other spices.

anything that adds liveliness or interest

sal, salsa, sabor
Her arrival added spice to the party.
spiced adjective

containing spice(s)

The dish was heavily spiced.
spicy adjective (comparative spicier, superlative spiciest)

tasting or smelling of spices

condimentado, sazonado
a spicy cake
He complained that the sausages were too spicy for him.
spiciness noun

cualidad de condimentado; cualidad de picante
the spiciness of the curry.

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