Translation of "spin" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /spɪn/ us /spɪn/ present participle spinning, past tense and past participle spun

If something spins or you spin something, it turns around and around quickly.

dar vueltas (a)
The car spun across the road.

to make thread by twisting together cotton, wool, etc.


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verb /spin/ (present participle spinning, past tense, past participle spun /span/)

to (cause to) go round and round rapidly

hacer girar
She spun round in surprise
He spun the revolving door round and round.

to form threads from (wool, cotton etc) by drawing out and twisting

The old woman was spinning (wool) in the corner of the room.
spinner noun

a person or thing that spins.

spin doctor noun

someone whose job is to present information to the public in such a way as to make a politician or an organization seem as good as possible

secador centrífugo, secadora
His spin doctors tried to make the President look good by blaming Congress for everything bad that happened.
spin-drier noun

a machine which dries clothes by spinning them round and round and forcing the water out of them.

secador centrífugo, secadora
spin out phrasal verb

to cause to last a long or longer time

prolongar, alargar
He spun out his speech for an extra five minutes.

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