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noun uk /spɔːt/ us /spɔrt/

A1 a game or activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment, often competing against each other

winter sports
team sports

A1 [ no plural ] UK US sports all types of physical activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment

She used to do a lot of sport when she was younger.
sports [ plural ] UK usually sport

A1 all types of physical activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment

She is really good at sports.

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noun /spoːt/

games or competitions involving physical activity

She’s very keen on sport of all kinds.

a particular game or amusement of this kind

Hunting, shooting and fishing are not sports I enjoy.

a good-natured and obliging person

buena persona
He’s a good sport to agree to do that for us!

fun; amusement

I only did it for sport.
sporting adjective

of, or concerned with, sports

the sporting world.

(opposite unsporting) showing fairness and kindness or generosity, especially if unexpected

a sporting gesture.
sports adjective

(American also sport) designed, or suitable, for sport

a sports centre
sports equipment.
sporty adjective (comparative sportier, superlative sportiest)

(especially British) (of a person) liking or good at sport; athletic

She’s quite a sporty person.

(of clothes) attractive in a bright informal way

a sporty jacket.

(of a car) fast, elegant, and expensive.
sports car noun

a small, fast car with only two seats.

coche deportivo
sports jacket noun

a type of jacket for men, designed for casual wear.

chaqueta de sport
sportsman /ˈspoːts-/ noun (feminine sportswoman, plural sportsmen, sportswomen)

a person who takes part in sports

He is a very keen sportsman.

a person who shows a spirit of fairness and generosity in sport

buen jugador; buena jugadora
He’s a real sportsman who doesn’t seem to care if he wins or loses.
sportswear noun

clothing designed for playing sports in.

trajes de sport
a sporting chance noun

a reasonably good chance

bastantes posibilidades

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