Translation of "stress" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /stres/ us /stres/

B1 feelings of worry caused by difficult situations such as problems at work

tensión, estrés
work-related stress
She’s been under a lot of stress recently.

a greater force you use to say one part of a word or phrase

In the word ‘blanket’, the stress is on the first syllable.
verb uk /stres/ us /stres/

to show that something is important

recalcar, hacer hincapié en
I stressed that this was our policy.

to say one part of a word more strongly than the rest

In the word ‘engine’, you stress the first syllable.

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noun /stres/

the worry experienced by a person in particular circumstances, or the state of anxiety caused by this

tensión, estrés
the stresses of modern life
Her headaches may be caused by stress.

force exerted by (parts of) bodies on each other

Bridge-designers have to know about stress.

force or emphasis placed, in speaking, on particular syllables or words

énfasis, acento
In the word ’widow’ we put stress on the first syllable.
stressed adjective

too worried and tired to be able to relax

I always feel rather stressed when I have to give a speech.

(linguistics) (of a word or syllable) pronounced with emphasis

In the word ‘later’, the first syllable is stressed.
stressful adjective

causing a lot of anxiety

a stressful job.
stress mark noun

(linguistics ) a mark used to show where the stress comes in a word etc

lay/put stress on

to emphasize (a fact etc)

He laid stress on this point.

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