Translation of "stroke" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /strəʊk/ us /stroʊk/ present participle stroking, past tense and past participle stroked

to gently move your hand over a surface

pasar la mano por, acariciar
She stroked the dog.
noun uk /strəʊk/ us /stroʊk/

a serious medical condition in the brain that makes you suddenly unable to move part of your body

ataque de apoplejía

a movement that you make against something with your hand, a pen, a brush, etc.

caricia, golpe, trazo, pincelada
a brush stroke

a style of swimming

a stroke of luck

something good that happens to you by chance

un golpe de suerte

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noun /strəuk/

an act of hitting, or the blow given

He felled the tree with one stroke of the axe
the stroke of a whip.

a sudden occurrence of something

ocurrencia; golpe (de suerte)
a stroke of lightning
an unfortunate stroke of fate
What a stroke of luck to find that money!

the sound made by a clock striking the hour

She arrived on the stroke of (= punctually at) ten.

a movement or mark made in one direction by a pen, pencil, paintbrush etc

(lápiz, bolígrafo) trazo; (pincel) pincelada
short, even pencil strokes.

a single pull of an oar in rowing, or a hit with the bat in playing cricket.

(cricket) golpe, jugada; (remo) palada

a movement of the arms and legs in swimming, or a particular method of swimming

He swam with slow, strong strokes

an effort or action

golpe (no dar ni golpe en el trabajo); esfuerzo
I haven’t done a stroke (of work) all day.

a sudden attack of illness which damages the brain, causing paralysis, loss of feeling in the body etc

She suffered a stroke.
at a stroke

with a single effort

de golpe, de un plumazo
We can’t solve all these problems at a stroke.

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