Translation of "struggle" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈstrʌɡ·l/ us /ˈstrʌɡ·əl/ present participle struggling, past tense and past participle struggled

to try very hard to do something difficult

luchar, esforzarse
He’s struggling to pay his bills.

to fight someone when they are holding you

pelear, forcejear
She struggled but couldn’t break free.
noun uk /ˈstrʌɡ·l/ us /ˈstrʌɡ·əl/

the act of trying very hard to do something difficult

lucha, esfuerzo
It was a real struggle to stay awake during the movie.

a fight between people

forcejeo, pelea

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verb /ˈstraɡl/

to twist violently when trying to free oneself

luchar, forcejear
The child struggled in his arms.

to make great efforts or try hard

luchar (por/contra)
All his life he has been struggling with illness / against injustice.

to move with difficulty

moverse con dificultad
He struggled out of the hole.
struggle along phrasal verb

to have only just enough money to live.

vivir con estrecheces, subsistir penosamente/a duras penas/con dificultad

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