Translation of "stuff" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /staf/

to pack or fill tightly, often hurriedly or untidily

atiborrar(se); meter algo de cualquier manera; embutir; atestar
His drawer was stuffed with papers
She stuffed the fridge with food
The children have been stuffing themselves with ice-cream.

to fill (eg a turkey, chicken etc) with stuffing before cooking.


to fill the skin of (a dead animal or bird) to preserve the appearance it had when alive

They stuffed the golden eagle.
stuffing noun

material used for stuffing eg toy animals

The teddy bear had lost much of its stuffing.

a mixture containing eg breadcrumbs, spices, sausage-meat etc , used for stuffing chickens etc

sage and onion stuffing.
stuff up phrasal verb

to block

obstruir; taponar (la nariz); estar acatarrado
He stuffed the hole up with some newspaper
I’ve got a cold and my nose is stuffed up.

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