Translation of "submit" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /səbˈmɪt/ us -tt-

A to give or offer something for a decision to be made by others

presentar, someter
You must submit your application before 1 January.
The developers submitted building plans to the council for approval.

formal to suggest

In conclusion, I submit that the proposal will not work without some major changes.

to allow another person or group to have power or authority over you, or to accept something unwillingly

rendirse, someterse, acceder
We protested about the changes for a long time, but in the end we had to submit.
She decided to resign from the party rather than submit herself to the new rules.

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verb /səbˈmit/ (past tense, past participle submitted)

to yield to control or to a particular kind of treatment by another person etc

I refuse to submit to his control
The rebels were ordered to submit.

to offer (a plan, suggestion, proposal, entry etc)

Competitors for the painting competition must submit their entries by Friday.
submission /-ʃən/ noun

the act of submitting.


humbleness or obedience.

submissive /-siv/ adjective

obedient and humble

a rather submissive man who lets people boss him around.
submissively adverb

submissiveness noun

sumisión, docilidad

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