Translation of "supply" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplɑɪ/ present participle supplying, past tense and past participle supplied

to give things that people want or need, often over a long period of time

suministrar, abastecer
Who will supply the food for the party?
This lake supplies the whole town with water.
noun uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplɑɪ/ plural supplies

an amount of something that is ready to be used

a supply of water
food supplies

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verb /səˈplai/ (past tense, past participle supplied)

to give or provide

proporcionar, abastecer
Who is supplying the rebels with guns and ammunition?
Extra paper will be supplied by the teacher if it is needed
The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills
The shop was unable to supply what she wanted.
supplier noun

a person or company that supplies goods

a leading supplier of building materials.
be in short supply

(of goods etc) to be scarce

haber escasez (de), escasear
Bread is in short supply.

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