Translation of "suppose" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /səˈpəʊz/ us /səˈpoʊz/ present participle supposing, past tense and past participle supposed

A2 to think that something is probably true

I suppose he feels angry with her.
I suppose (so)

B1 used to show agreement to something when you do not really want to

supongo (que sí)
I suppose you’re right.
‘Can I come with you?’ ‘I suppose so.’
be supposed to do something

to be expected to do something, especially when this does not happen

tener supuestamente que hacer algo
He was supposed to be here by nine.
be supposed to do something

to be expected to do something, especially because of a rule, agreement, etc.

tener supuestamente que ser/pasar algo
The children are supposed to be at school by 8 a.m.
be supposed to be…

to be considered by many people to be something

tener fama de ser algo
The scenery is supposed to be fantastic.

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verb /səˈpəuz/

to think probable; to believe or guess

Who do you suppose telephoned today?
’I suppose you’ll be going to the meeting?’ ’Yes, I suppose so / No, I don’t suppose so.’
Do you suppose she’ll win?
’Surely her statement can’t be correct?’ ’No, I suppose not’.

to accept as true for the sake of argument; to consider as a possibility

(Let’s) suppose we each had $100 to spend
Suppose the train’s late – what shall we do?

used to make a suggestion or give an order in a polite way

¿y si…?
Suppose we have lunch now!
Suppose you make us a cup of tea!
supposing conjunction


suponiendo que, en el caso de (que)
Supposing she doesn’t come, what shall we do?
be supposed to (be/do)

to have the reputation of (being etc)

ser considerado, tener a alguien por (le tienen por el mejor doctor)
He’s supposed to be the best doctor in the town.

to be expected or obliged to (do something etc)

deber (deberías hacer la cama cada mañana)
You’re supposed to make your own bed every morning.

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