Translation of "sweep" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /swiːp/ us /swip/ past tense and past participle swept

to clean the floor using a brush

She’s just swept the floor.

to push or carry something with force

Many trees were swept away in the flood.

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verb /swiːp/ (past tense, past participle swept /swept/)

to clean (a room etc) using a brush or broom

The room has been swept clean.

to move as though with a brush

barrer, limpiar, recoger; arrastrar, llevarse; rechazar, descartar
She swept the crumbs off the table with her hand
The wave swept him overboard
Don’t get swept away by (= become over-enthusiastic about) the idea!
She swept aside my objections.

to move quickly over

azotar, asolar, arrasar

to move swiftly or in a proud manner

deslizarse, pasar rápidamente; pasar majestuosamente
High winds sweep across the desert
She swept into my room without knocking on the door.
sweeper noun

a person or thing that sweeps

barrendero; barredora; cepillo mecánico
a road-sweeper
May I borrow your carpet sweeper?
sweeping adjective

that sweeps

amplio; arrollador
a sweeping gesture.

(of changes etc) very great

aplastante, arrollador
a sweeping victory
sweeping reforms.
sweeping-brush noun

a type of brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping floors etc.

at one/a sweep

by one action, at one time

de un plumazo
He fired half of his employees at one sweep.
sweep (someone) off his/her feet

to affect (a person) with strong emotion or enthusiasm

trastornar, hacer perder la cabeza a alguien, volver loco (de ilusión, por ej.)
With his dashing good looks and sense of humour, he soon swept her off her feet.
sweep out phrasal verb

to sweep (a room etc) thoroughly; to clean by sweeping

I need to sweep the classroom out.
sweep the board

to be very successful; to win all the prizes

The Australians swept the board in the swimming events.
sweep under the carpet

to avoid facing, or dealing with (an unpleasant situation etc) by pretending it does not exist

ocultar algo, correr la cortina
We can’t just sweep the problem under the carpet – it needs to be discussed.
sweep up phrasal verb

to gather together or remove (dirt etc) by sweeping

She swept up the crumbs/mess.

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