Translation of "symmetry" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈsɪm.ə.tri/ us

the quality of having parts that match each other, especially in a way that is attractive, or similarity of shape or contents

The design of the house had a pleasing symmetry, its oblong shape being picked up in its elongated windows.
→ Compare asymmetry (asymmetric)

specialized mathematics in mathematics, the quality of having two parts that match exactly, either when one half is like an image of the other half in a mirror, or when one part can take the place of another if it is turned 90° or 180°

symmetrical adjective uk /sɪˈmet.rɪ.kəl/ us also symmetric

symmetrically adverb uk /sɪˈmet.rɪ.kəl.i/ us

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noun /ˈsimitri/

the state in which two parts, on either side of a dividing line, are equal in size, shape, and position.

symmetrical /-ˈme-/ adjective

having symmetry

The two sides of a person’s face are never completely symmetrical.
symmetrically adverb


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