Translation of "synthesis" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈsɪn.θə.sɪs/ us

[ no plural ] specialized chemistry the production of a substance from simpler materials after a chemical reaction

síntesis → See also photosynthesis

plural syntheses formal the mixing of different ideas, influences, or things to make a whole that is different, or new

He describes his latest record as ‘a synthesis of African and Latin rhythms’.

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noun /ˈsinθəsis/ (plural syntheses /-siːz/)

(something produced through) the process of combining separate parts, eg chemical elements or substances, into a whole

Plastic is produced by synthesis
His recent book is a synthesis of several of his earlier ideas.
synthesize verb ( (also synthesiseBritish))

to make (eg a drug) by synthesis

Some hormones can be synthesized.
synthesizer verb ( (also synthesiserBritish))

an electronic instrument, usually used with a keyboard, that can copy the sounds of various musical instruments.

synthetic /sinˈθetik/ noun, adjective

(a substance) produced artificially by a chemical process

nylon and other synthetic materials / synthetics.

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