Translation of "tear" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /teə/ (past tense tore /toːn/, past participle torn /toː/)

( sometimes with offetc) to make a split or hole in (something), intentionally or unintentionally, with a sudden or violent pulling action, or to remove (something) from its position by such an action or movement

romper, hacer pedazos/trizas, despedazar; arrancar
He tore the photograph into pieces
You’ve torn a hole in your jacket
I tore the picture out of a magazine.

to become torn

romperse, hacerse pedazos/trizas
Newspapers tear easily.

to rush

ir/correr a toda velocidad, precipitarse
He tore along the road.
be torn between (one thing and another)

to have a very difficult choice to make between (two things)

estar dividido entre (una cosa y otra)
He was torn between obedience to his parents and loyalty to his friends.
tear (oneself) away phrasal verb

to leave a place, activity etc unwillingly

I couldn’t tear myself away from the television.
tear one’s hair

to be in despair with impatience and frustration

tirarse de los pelos, subirse por las paredes
Their inefficiency makes me tear my hair.
tear up phrasal verb

to tear into pieces

hacer pedazos/trizas, despedazar, romper
She tore up the letter.

to remove from a fixed position by violence; The wind tore up several trees .


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