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noun uk /ˈtel·ɪ·fəʊn/ us /ˈtel·əˌfoʊn/ also phone

A2 a piece of equipment that is used to talk to someone who is in another place

The telephone rang and she hurried to pick it up.
Could you answer / the telephone?
verb uk /ˈtel·ɪ·fəʊn/ us /ˈtel·əˌfoʊn/ present participle telephoning, past tense and past participle telephoned also phone formal

A2 to speak to someone by telephone

llamar (por teléfono)

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noun /ˈtelifəun/

( often abbreviated to phone) /foun/ an instrument for speaking to someone from a distance, using either an electric current which passes along a wire or radio waves

He spoke to me by telephone / on the telephone
( also adjective) a telephone number/operator.
telephonist /-ˈle-/ noun

a person who operates a telephone switchboard in a telephone exchange.

telephone booth ( telephone box)

a small room or compartment containing a telephone for public use.

cabina de teléfono, cabina telefónica
telephone directory noun (plural telephone directories)

a book containing a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people with telephones in a particular area

guía telefónica
Look them up in the telephone directory.
telephone exchange noun

a central control through which telephone calls are directed.

central telefónica

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